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It’s been a really stressful few years. Here’s how some of us at The Verge relieve the tension, ranging from running and meditation to pulling weeds and creating chain mail.

It’s been a really stressful few years. We’ve all been living through pandemics (plural!), political upheaval, economic awfulness — you name it. And this isn’t even mentioning the normal pressure of work and family. So how do you deal?

We asked the staff of The Verge to let us know how they cope with the anxiety and pressures of living in today’s world (including having to write about these problems on a day-to-day basis). We got a variety of answers, ranging from running and meditation to pulling weeds and creating chain mail.

In other words, here’s how some of us here at The Verge relieve our stress. Perhaps one of these will work for you — or you can let us know any strategies that have worked for you.

Becca watches a garden grow.

Photo courtesy of: Becca Farsace

There is absolutely nothing better than eating the first tomato you have ever grown. Not only will it be the sweetest, freshest tomato you have ever eaten but also it will be the product of months of watching something grow and grow and grow.

I love gardening (à la Oprah “I love bread”), and for the fourth year in a row, I have planted eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, and a whole host of herbs in my tiny Brooklyn backyard. In fact, my garden is the main reason I cannot work from home. I will spend all day out there obsessing over my magical green fortress. And while I think that most people look at plants and see a green thing destined for a dry death, my experience has taught me that all it takes to grow a thriving garden is watching YouTube videos and watering. I’m not kidding — Plant Tube has you covered, and I have found that weeding my garden often allows me to weed my mind as well. — Becca Farsace, senior producer

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