Rewards program

This rewards program is for personal ads

We are having a rewards program 1) to get people to sign up and 2) to get people to post ads.

So sign up and start posting!

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Your reward credits will be given:

  1. For signing up your new active user(s) you get - 1 credit per new user.
  2. For your posts and your new active users sing ups you get - 0.01 credit per each post. 


  • No businesses are to be allowed in this program.
  • No duplicate ad posts will be counted. 
  • No illegitimate posts or illegitimate account sign-ups will be counted. 
  • retains the right to discredit or close accounts or close ad posts at our own discretion.
  • New posts only to be counted (renewed or rerun posted ads will not be counted).
  • No spam, business, or illegitimate posts or sign-ups will be counted. 
  • Any account or ad(s) that is or are discredited can be closed at AdSitePro's discretion.
  • An active user is someone that has posted at least one ad posting.
  • If you sign-out of this rewards program. By signing-out of this rewards program, you give up your rights to use the past collective sign-ups and posts that are collected to use by your account towards this rewards program. If you elect to sign-up again for this rewards program you will start at zero in all categories. By signing-in or signing-out of this rewards program, you agree to these regulations. 

Categories that are allowed

These are the categories that are allowed to post in this rewards program.

  • For Sale
  • Bartering
  • For Free
  • Wanted
  • Housing / Real Estate
  • Rentals
  • Community
  • Services
  • Events
  • Resumes
  • Education
  • Personals & Dating
  • Medical
  • Entertainment

* Rewards program rules and categories can be changed or rewards program closed at any time by's sole discretion & without prior notification. These rules and regulations are inclusive in the terms of use or agreement and are subject to change without prior notice.