Post Bulk Ads

AdSitePro has a solution for you for placing your bulk ads. 

AdSitePro offers Bulk Posting

AdSitePro provides a bulk posting solution for easy submission of multiple new posts in a single csv file. This allows AdSitePro users who post hundreds or thouthands posts a month to create or update posts on the AdSitePro website. 


Access to the bulk posting interface is granted to high volume posters (hundreds of postings per month or more) on a case-by-case basis, and is limited to paid posting categories:

  • Automotive, Autos, SUV, Bus, Transportation, Cars & Trucks
  • Houses, Homes For Sale
  • Homes & Housing - Rent & Lease
  • Jobs, Employment Available

We charge installation fee from $100 and up per category and a monthly fee depending on posts volume.

Please contact us at for more information regarding access to the bulk posting solution.

Before you make a request for bulk ad submission for at least 50 or more ads per week make sure you have or create an account with  Also please tell us how many posts you intend to post or approximate range, What kind of bulk ads you want to place and what category(s) you want to place them in. (Check junk / spam if you don't see the emails in your in box and mark them as not junk). So please create an account and post at least 10 ads so you know how your account works correctly, then contact us and we will gladly help you with any questions.