Gaza hospitals face a ‘tsunami of wounded’ as supplies and power run out

After Hamas’ terror attack on Saturday, Israeli airstrikes have reduced entire neighborhoods in Gaza, including hospitals, to soot. Remaining clinics and emergency units have been operating without power and supplies.

GAZA CITY, Gaza — Om Hamza Mesleh, 45, was searching desperately for her son when she saw a young man carrying a body draped in bloodied white plastic. 

“This is Hamza!” he shouted. 

Panting, Om Hamza, a common honorific in Arabic for matriarchs that translates to “mother of Hamza,” rushed to see whether it was, indeed, her lost son. 

She couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw his face.

“My children were playing in front of me inside the house. Suddenly, the floors above my head collapsed, and I could not find my children. I do not know how I got out. I looked for my children but did not find them,” Mesleh said.

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