Fearing looters, Kentucky flood victims refuse to leave wrecked homes

First came the floods, then came the vultures.

KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. — First came the floods, then came the vultures.

Kentucky residents badly in need of food and fresh water after the eastern half of the state was inundated last week by epic floods were refusing Wednesday to leave their wrecked homes for fear of losing what little they have left to looters.

“It’s also sad because people have been coming from out of the area to be like vultures and loot,” said Zack Hall, a flood survivor who is also the tourism director for Knott County.

“People who do have a path out now feel like they have to suffer and sit in their house with no power to make sure no one gets into it,” Hall said. “My uncle, who is diabetic, is watching our entire family’s property to make sure nobody gets into them.”

And the looters are brazen, Hall said.


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