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Fidough is the newest, cutest, and least gluten-free pokémon - The Verge

The internet is in love with Fidough, the newest bread dog pokémon revealed in a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer.

Whenever there’s a new Pokémon game reveal, there’s a brief but wonderful moment when the fanbase gets together to collectively hyper-fixate on one pokémon in particular. They are enamored of the ‘mon’s cuteness or weirdness, and they profess all kinds of love and affection up to and including a life-pact. For Sword and Shield, that pokémon was Yamper, the corgi ‘mon. Now for Scarlet and Violet, it’s Fidough.

Humans are delightfully simple creatures. We love bread, and we love dogs. Everything about Fidough has been surgically crafted by The Pokémon Company in order to exploit humanity’s love for carbs and canines. Even the name, Fidough, is meant to make it more appealing, capitalizing on humanity’s love for bad but clever puns. (Bravo localization team, bravo!)

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