Get affordable Solar Energy products & Free Nationwide installations below #599,995


Wintx Energy NIG LTD offers innovative electricity packages that ensure reliable power supply, reduce dependence on the grid, and lower high tariffs. By harnessing natural resources like solar energy, Our aim is to help customers reduce their carbon footprint, combat climate change, and enjoy uninterrupted power. Our affordable package options are tailored to meet diverse customer daily needs, emphasizing quality, reliability, and affordability. We invite our customers to join us on our journey towards a greener future and achieve energy independence.

Standard Package

The Standard package offers both our Products + installation service for only #599,950.

Recommended for Bachelors/singles, Offices, or low level energy consumption users,

To power:  1 TELEVISION, 1 HOME THEATER,  2 FANS, LIGHTS-BULBS,  1 PC,  1 WASHER (TOP LOAD), & other Small Appliances  Duration With all Appliance On :
Power last for a maximum duration of 10 hours on standby and to last more when you toggle between appliances.  

Included in the Standard package are:

  • 1kva Inverter…. 1unit
  • 200Ah Battery…. 1unit
  • 150Watts Panel… 2unit
  • 30Ah Controller…1unit
  • Pole beaker …….. 2unit
  • Change Over ……..1unit
  • Panel Rack ………2unit
  • Bolt & Nut ………20pcs
  • Wire …… (purchased upon Installation according to preferred length and position by user)
  • Free Installation Services

Total = #599,950 –All products listed comes with a 1 year warranty and 25 years Warranty on Solar panels only .    

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