Fans thank Bad Bunny for 'giving a voice' to Puerto Rico at exactly the right time

Music star Bad Bunny is thanked by fans for focusing on Puerto Rico's issues through his music video and documentary as they grapple with Hurricane Fiona.

“Maldita sea, otro apagón.” ("Damn it, another blackout.")

For Puerto Rican residents like Noelia Torres, 22, Bad Bunny’s words in his newly released music video for "El Apagón" (The Blackout) could not have come at a better time.

Torres, a resident of the town of Caguas, is currently without electricity and water following Hurricane Fiona, which has caused devastating destruction, including an islandwide blackout and catastrophic flooding.

Bad Bunny's new video features more than his song — it is followed by an 18-minute documentary highlighting injustices and inequalities that Puerto Ricans have been grappling with for years. 

The documentary, “Aquí Vive Gente” (“People Live Here”) by Bianca Graulau, an independent journalist from Puerto Rico, looks at the island’s ongoing struggle with the power grid, issues of gentrification and the ensuing displacement impacting the island’s residents.

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