John Leguizamo says food is a 'bait and a lure' in 'The Menu' horror-comedy movie

Actor John Leguizamo stars in the movie "The Menu," and says the horror-comedy uses food to lure and "sucker the audience in."

Food can be both irresistible and satisfying. The new horror-comedy “The Menu,” uses that allure to trap privileged diners at a high-end banquet, the actor John Leguizamo said in an interview with NBC News.

“I loved the clever writing, the beautiful poetry about food, and then obviously the beautiful execution of the food,” he said. “But that’s just a bait and a lure to sucker the audience in. And then it becomes this terrifying horror thriller about who’s going to perish and who’s not going to perish.” 

Leguizamo plays an actor who has fallen out of the spotlight. And together with 10 other guests, he will put his palate, and ultimately his life, in the hands of world-class chef Julian Slowik, played by Ralph Fiennes. 

These guests are invited to an exclusive destination restaurant on a remote island. But their high-dining experience will come at a deadly price. And as the film raises the stakes for these fine diners, viewers may be prompted to ask: How much are you willing to pay for a good meal?   

While “The Menu” stresses how food can connect and disconnect people, Leguizamo says it also mocks class tensions between the haves (the guests) and the have-nots (the restaurant staff), pitting them against each other in a dining room.

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