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Amid Cuban economic struggles, one entrepreneur lowers prices with scrap metal trailers

In Cuba, Yosvany García, along with three assistants in his backyard is building trailers and selling them, mainly using scrap metal he finds in landfills amid a shortage of materials and money.

HAVANA — Despite an economic crisis in communist-run Cuba that forces the island to subsist with widespread shortages in almost every category, in the past few years Yosvany García and his three assistants have been building trailers for motorcycles and cars and successfully selling them for a profit.

It’s not uncommon to spot his brand, YGC, around Havana.

In the neighborhood of Alamar, in the outskirts of the country's capital city, Havana, García works with his three helpers — including his 78-year-old father. They work in a small yard with a dirt floor, three avocado trees and an ostensible slope. 

Because there are shortages of virtually all products in Cuba, García depends on occasional vendors and scrap metal he finds in landfills to build the trailers.

He begins each creation with a computer design, but what comes afterward is arduous. He and his workers organize a production line in the backyard. Using scrap metal and mostly hand tools, each worker is responsible for a different part of the production including cutting metal parts, shaping them, sanding them and welding them.

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