The BIGGEST Mistakes DIYER Don't Know They Are Making GROUNDING | HOW TO

The BIGGEST Mistakes DIYER Don't Know They Are Making GROUNDING | HOW TO

250.148 Continuity of Equipment Grounding Conductors and Attachment of Equipment Grounding Conductors to in Boxes.

If circuit conductors are spliced within a box or terminated on equipment within or supported by a box, all wire-type equipment grounding conductor( s) associated with any of those circuit conductors shall be connected within the box or to the box with devices suitable for the use in accordance with 250.8 and 250.148(A) through (E)(D). Exception: The equipment grounding conductor permitted in 250.146(D) shall not be required to be connected to the other equipment grounding conductors or to the box.

(A) Connections and Splices. Connections and splices shall be made in accordance with 110.14(B) except that insulation shall not be required.

(B) Equipment Grounding Conductor Continuity. The arrangement of grounding connections shall be such that the disconnection or the removal of a luminaire, receptacle, luminaire, or other device fed from the box does not interfere with or interrupt the grounding electrical continuity of the equipment grounding conductor(s) providing an effective ground-fault current path.

(C) Metal Boxes. A connection used for no other purpose shall be made between the one or more equipment grounding conductors and a metal box by means of a grounding screw that shall be used for no other purpose, equipment listed for grounding, or a listed grounding device metal box and the equipment grounding conductor(s) in accordance with 250.8.

(D) Nonmetallic Boxes. One or more equipment grounding conductors brought into a nonmetallic outlet box shall be arranged such that a connection can be made to any fitting or device in that box requiring connection to an equipment grounding conductor.

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