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Now, Instagram users in 100 more countries can post NFTs on the service. Also, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an image of his custom-made Little League baseball card which is going on sale with an NFT attached

Other than “turning up the heat a little bit” on Meta employees who shouldn’t be there and hitting the metaverse runway, Mark Zuckerberg is highlighting Instagram’s expanded NFT support. The founder and CEO took the opportunity of announcing expanded NFT support on Instagram to tell everyone his custom-made 1992 Little League baseball card is going on sale soon, with an NFT included as part of the deal.

I thought he was minting it himself, but as the Metropolis Comic Collect profile linked in his post explains, that is not the case. This card is one Zuckerberg custom-made for a camp counselor who kept it, and now it has been authenticated and put up for sale as an actual collectible, in addition to the digital blockchain receipt. If you check it out in his post, now you’ll know that at age eight, Zuckerberg had this card made saying he hit for .920 — there are some pitchers from that league who probably suspected the video metrics were off before anyone else did — as a right-handed infielder in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

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