An ‘influencer thrift store’ wants to tackle fast fashion waste

Detoure, an online consignment shop, is trying to lessen the burden on overflowing landfills by reselling clothes from influencers' closets.

An influencer may wear an outfit in just one post before banishing it to the depths of the closet. It may stay there, unworn and unused, until it's time for the occasional wardrobe cleanout. At best, the garment will be resold or donated. At worst, it'll end up in a landfill.

Detoure, an online consignment shop, wants to change that.

The company, which describes itself as an “influencer thrift store,” is trying to lessen the burden on overflowing landfills by tackling influencers’ overflowing closets.

Accelerating trend cycles are only adding to the fast fashion industry’s nearly insurmountable toll on the environment. Detoure sells influencers’ trendy clothing — most of which is either new with tags or has been worn only once — for a small fraction of the cost of buying the garments new. 

“The way social media’s going, influencers wear the clothes once for a photo and then they never really wear it again,” said Detoure’s founder, Meghan Russell. “And so what happens to the clothes then at that point?”

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