QAnon videos are getting millions of views on TikTok as Trump embraces conspiracy theory

Creators are using spelling alterations and emojis to get around TikTok's ban on QAnon hashtags.

QAnon conspiracy theory videos with thinly veiled hashtags are bringing in millions of views on TikTok ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

In a review conducted by NBC News, users were found posting videos with emojis and slight wording variations in hashtags to evade QAnon hashtag bans, bringing attention to the conspiracy theory that helped fuel the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

TikTok removed some of the videos, all of which were sent to the company in an NBC News inquiry, but many QAnon videos and hashtags continued to remain up on the platform.

The findings come as former President Donald Trump is ramping up his public support of the conspiracy theory. In recent weeks, Trump has used QAnon’s slogan on his social media app, Truth Social, and reposted messages from Q, the anonymous account that sometimes posts messages interpreted by QAnon followers. In a rally on Saturday, he spoke to a soundtrack that was identical to a song known as a QAnon theme song, and crowd members held up single fingers in response. QAnon’s slogan is “Where we go one we go all.” 

On TikTok, users have added emojis such as the American flag to QAnon hashtags like “#Trusttheplan” that were banned from the app starting in July 2020. The altered version of the hashtag has 1.9 million views, according to the app.

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