Little recourse for teens girls victimized by AI 'deepfake' nudes

Teenage girls in the U.S. who are being targeted with 'deepfake' nude photos created with AI have limited ways to seek accountability or recourse.

Teenage girls in the U.S. who are increasingly being targeted or threatened with fake nude photos created with artificial intelligence or other tools have limited ways to seek accountability or recourse, as schools and state legislatures struggle to catch up to the new technologies, according to legislators, legal experts and one victim who is now advocating for a federal bill.

Since the 2023 school year kicked into session, cases involving teen girls victimized by the fake nude photos, also known as deepfakes, have proliferated worldwide, including at high schools in New Jersey and Washington state.

Local police departments are investigating the incidents, lawmakers are racing to enact new measures that would enforce punishments against the photos’ creators, and affected families are pushing for answers and solutions.

Unrealistic deepfakes can be made with simple photo-editing tools that have existed for years. But two school districts told NBC News that they believe fake photos of teens that have affected their students were AI-generated. 

AI technology is becoming more widely available, such as stable diffusion (open-source technology that can produce images from text prompts) and “face-swap” tools that can put a victim’s face in place of a pornographic performer’s face in a video or photo.

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