Veteran who stopped Colorado Springs shooter lauded by Latino group

Hispanic military veteran Richard Fierro, who stopped the Colorado Springs gunman, is being lauded by LULAC, the nation's oldest Latino civil rights group.

Military veteran Richard Fierro's selfless response when a gunman opened fire in a Colorado gay club is being lauded by the nation's oldest Latino civil rights organization.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, is awarding him its presidential medal and $5,000 for his actions that helped bring down the shooter who killed five people at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Army veteran describes moment he subdued Colorado Springs gunmanNov. 22, 202201:49"We hear so many politicians scapegoating and attacking the LGBTQ community and immigrants, and here we have true American heroes who stood up against hate and protected their family and other patrons," LULAC President Domingo Garcia said Tuesday.

NBC News reported Monday that Fierro was at Club Q with his family when the attack began. He said he did what he was trained to do as a 15-year Army veteran who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has said he's not proud of himself because there are people who were not able to go home that night.

His wife, Jessica, said he knocked the guns out of the shooter's hands and hit him with the attacker's own pistol. Authorities also identified another person, Thomas James, with helping subdue the shooter.

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