CabStartup - A well crafted and scalable super app solution

We help businesses and funded startups to get their own fully featured app for taxi or similar on demand business, we have developed a fully functional system that can work as your white label solution. Now you can get your own branded solution similar to Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Uber eats, grub hub, or other super apps. our system is successfully deployed to many clients from USA, UK, Bahrain, Paris, and many more .

Our cutting-edge cloud-based ride-hailing software transforms transportation with its agility and scalability. By harnessing cloud technology, we ensure real-time updates, secure data management, and unmatched flexibility, revolutionizing the way people move. Experience travel that’s not only convenient but also connected like never before.

Exciting features:

  1. White label apps for driver and passenger (iOS & Android)
  2. perfect in design, rich in features.
  3. Allocation algorithm
  4. Live Tracking on map
  5. Independent Drivers Network and verifications
  6. Dispatch Panel
  7. Corporate panel
  8. Merchant panel
  9. Wall Board
  10. Online booking

Auto Dispatch Framework for Apps: Passenger application guarantees hassle free ride hailing with features like location auto-filling. Which shows close-by taxis and drivers can confirm within 60 seconds. Cab Startup dispatch framework spares taxi organisations 90% labor and time over dispatch process.

To know more about us, visit us online.

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