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The staff of The Verge explain what apps or other methods they use to keep track of their appointments, tasks, projects, and workflows.

Life these days can be very complicated, and many of us — I’d guess that most of us — are constantly looking for the best method to keep our lives in order. What do you need on your grocery list? When is that work project due, and who is working on it with you? A friend wants to do a movie-watching session, but is that the same day you promised your parents to help clean the garage? Which bills are due, and can you afford to pay them all? Where is that article about which masks to wear? And on and on.

So we’ve asked the staff of The Verge what they use to keep track of all their appointments, tasks, projects, and workflows. And it turns out that they use a variety of different apps or some fairly old-fashioned paper-and-pen solutions — or both.

If you’re finding that this year is turning out to be a confusing one and you need a way to try to keep your life and your sanity in order, here are some methods that we use. We hope they are helpful.

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks.

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Get a notebook. You do not need tech for this. In fact, keeping track of yourself is much easier if you aren’t using tech designed for someone else. Do you know why? Only you operate your brain. You are much more likely to design a system you will use than someone else is.

You will need a pencil or a pen. You can get wild and buy markers and a ruler. Personally, I like markers because I like color, but this is your notebook, so you should follow your heart. Now, you are going to experiment. Are you a monster who operates her life through jerry-rigged to-do lists? Great. Make some to-do lists. Do you want to track stuff using bullet journal layouts? Great. Do that. Do you just want to write down your feelings before you talk to someone about them? Brainstorm on a task? Whatever? Great news! There is a blank piece of paper, and it can be whatever you want it to be.

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