Doctor in the House: Do you suspect speech delay in your child? Here are some tell-tale signs | Parenting News,The Indian Express

Speech delay can be a sign of hearing loss or neurological disorders. Early intervention goes a long way in finding a solution

A typical two-year-old can say about 40 to 50 words and can also make sentences comprising two to three words. After this, it really speeds up and a three-year-old may even have 1,000 words in his vocabulary and sentences containing five to six words. These are general guidelines and not strict rules to measure by, children develop at different rates. If your child does not meet these developmental goals, then they may have speech delay. Not all babies who have speech delay have a developmental problem, they may just be a late bloomer. Simultaneously however, we need to rule out organic causes of speech delay like a hearing impairment or a neurological problem.

It is important to pick up on this earlier, for timely intervention and treatment.

Though speech and language delay are often spoken together and can be seen as interchangeable, in actuality, there are differences between whether there is speech or language delay.

What is speech?

It is a physical act of producing sounds and making words. A toddler with speech delay usually has trouble saying words but usually has no problem with comprehension and no problem with non-verbal communication.

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