Remembering Four Murders From The Far East Side of Columbus, Ohio (and a series of bar robberies)

Sometimes people we know and love are murdered. This is my experience. In 1973 and 1989, four tragic murders (and a series of bar robberies) occurred on the Far East Side of Columbus, Ohio. Two women were found slain 90 feet apart. A series of bar robberies took place, and a beloved bar owner is shot to death. A beautiful, smart, and prolific college professor was murdered by a man seeking out a victim. In this true crime anthology book, I will walk you through the horrific events as they happened. You will learn about these cases in remarkable detail. The victims are prominently featured. This important piece of true crime history is told the way it was, and the way I remember it. This book is a contribution to the true crime genre, and it offers something for those who knew and loved the victims.

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