Justice Department sues ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro to produce White House emails

The Justice Department is suing ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro to produce emails from a personal account he allegedly used to for official White House business.

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice is suing former Trump White House aide Peter Navarro in an effort to compel him to produce emails from a personal account that he allegedly used to conduct official White House business.

In the complaint, filed Wednesday, the department has asked a judge to order Navarro to turn over the records.

Navarro, a top trade adviser in the Trump administration, has refused to hand over the documents without first getting a "grant of immunity for the act of returning such records," according to the complaint.

Last December, the National Archives and Records Administration became aware that Navarro had used a personal account with ProtonMail, an encrypted email service, to send and receive official emails while serving as an adviser to the president, the complaint said. Navarro did not copy his official White House account on the email exchanges, nor did he forward the email chains to his White House account, a violation of the Presidential Records Act, it said.

Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro pleads not guilty to contempt of Congress chargesJune 17, 202202:08The National Archives reached out to Navarro asking him to turn over the missing records, but he never responded, according to the complaint.


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