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Google is making quoted searches even better - The Verge

If you do a quoted search on Google, the word or phrase in quotation marks will now show up in bold, and the snippet under a search result link will show where the phrase appears on the page.

Did you know you can search for an exact word or phrase on Google by putting quotation marks around it? It’s a great way to get specific about something you’re looking for. And on Thursday, Google announced what I think will be a nice improvement: the small snippets underneath a search result link will now be created based on where the quoted term appears on the page.

Google’s blog post about the change has a good image that illustrates how this will work in practice, which I’ve included below. Google googled “google search,” and the two snippets shown in the example both include the bolded phrase “Google Search.”

The Google search results for “google search.”

Image: Google

Previously, Google would show you results that included the quoted word or phrase, but the small snippet under a link may not have shown exactly where the phrase appeared on a page. In the blog post, Google’s Yonghao Jin explains why that was and why it made the change:

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