Charity Vending Program Benifiting Veterans

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you are at all interested in getting into the vending business - YOU MUST READ THIS...

CHARITY VENDING is the best small business opportunity today. It is a simple, easy business that allows you to start small, at a low cost and grow at whatever pace you're comfortable with.

A few years ago I started with 10 candy machines and within 6 months I had 167 machines on location taking in some serious money.

When I started - I quickly learned that the #1 secret to success in the vending business is - LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION.

I also learned that the easiest and best way to get good commission-free locations is with charity sponsorship. 95% PERCENT OF ALL SMALL VENDING UNITS ARE PLACED ON A LOCATION ON A CHARITY BASIS - ALL COMMISSION-FREE.

Most vending equipment suppliers and professional locators recommend that you set up your charity sponsorship early in your start-up process so that when you receive your machines and locations you are ready to install them. Some locators even REQUIRE that you have an affiliation with a legitimate, nationally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity before the will do any locating for you.

VENDORS FOR VETERANS puts the Charity in Charity Vending.

When you choose Vendors For Veterans as your official sponsoring charity - Here's what you get...

  • LOWEST COST charity vending program available
  • Established EXCLUSIVELY for the vending industry
  • Nationally recognized TAX-EXEMPT 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT CHARITY

PLUS: The program includes SEVERAL 'FREEBIES' for beginners not available elsewhere - such as:

  • Full color brochures
  • ID cards/name tegs
  • Locating scripts & tips
  • Free consultation
  • And more - see website

GET STARTED with Vendors For Veterans for as little as $15.00. See website.

Maximize your chances for success...Register with Vendors For Veterans today -

VISIT our website or CALL: (702)475-1544

Vendors For Veterans does not sell vending equipment or provide locations. We provide a legitimate universally accepted charity sponsorship program for all sizes and types of vending equipment.

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