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The Rotom Phone is getting a big upgrade from one back camera to two. Beyond that, though, the new phone seems to be a largely iterative upgrade.

The Rotom Phone is getting a big upgrade. Following its introduction in the Galar region three years ago, the updated version of the smartphone-that’s-inhabited-by-a-Pokémon is finally making the jump from one back camera to two. The handset will soon be available in the new Paldea region as well.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what kind the second lens is for — all I can really see is that the main lens remains blue while the new second lens is black. I don’t think that’s enough information to make an informed guess about whether this new lens is a telephoto, an ultrawide, or something else, though I’m hoping I’ll be able to use that second camera to take pictures of the new best boy Fidough.

Good to see Rotom Phone got the second camera upgrade

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