About Dr Darren Burke

Dr. Darren Burke forged an esteemed research program and earned an expert reputation. During his tenure as a professor at St. Francis Xavier University, he imparted knowledge in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and metabolism, also mentoring students to excel as scientists, as well as in fields like medicine and dentistry.

In 2008, Dr. Burke departed from his tenured university professorship to establish a line of sports nutrition products, encompassing protein powders, energy capsules, and muscle-enhancing creatine supplements tailored for professional athletes. His brand pioneered safe supplements for athletes in drug-tested sports, a stance that revolutionized the sports nutrition landscape, leading to widespread safety certifications in most supplements today. Within just five years, he transformed his venture from concept to a category leader in both Canada and the United States, ultimately exiting the business successfully when Nutrivo, based in Chicago, Illinois, acquired it.

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