Centific - Onsite Project - Matrix 3.0 (Seattle)

Our Matrix project is back! Now available in more locations! Earn up to $120.

Matrix is a Video Collection project in which participants will collect short videos taken with an iPhone, following some simple instructions our team will provide.

The videos will involve 3 or more people speaking with each other in a natural setting, with background noise – such as the TV – allowed. The device will be placed at a distance.

Purpose: This data will help train Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the technologies for focusing, color, contrast, image processing, accessibility, etc.

Main Requirements: - Willing to travel to a location in or around the Seattle area or the East side area of Seattle. - Must be comfortable having your image recorded on video. - Must be available to come to your selected location on the date of your scheduled appointment.

Interested? Visit the OneForma page and look for Project Matrix 3.0.

Other important information: - Each participant can take part in a maximum of 32 videos. - You can sign up with friends or you will be paired with other candidates at random. - You must complete this survey in order to be considered. - You can participate in this project if you have already participated in Matrix and Matrix 2.0.

REFER A FRIEND and earn $25.00!

Fill out the referral form if you know someone who is perfect for our Matrix 3.0 Project!

OneForma by Centific is an equal-opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any of our applicants on the grounds of race, gender, religion, or cultural background.

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Redmond, Washington

Redmond, Washington
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Employment type Part-time
Company Name Centific
Compensation $50-$120

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