LGBTQ student group strikes deal with Yeshiva University, allowing other clubs to operate

The Pride Alliance at Yeshiva University agreed to stay a recent court order after the school stopped all student clubs from operating.

The LGBTQ student group at Yeshiva University made the “painful” decision to pause its efforts to receive official university recognition so that the university would allow the rest of its student clubs to continue operating, the group said Thursday. 

The Supreme Court last week left intact a June state court order that directed Yeshiva University to officially recognize the Pride Alliance, which would provide the student club with access to the same resources as the school’s other 87 clubs.

But rather than recognize the club, Yeshiva University officials directed students to halt all undergraduate club activities while it resumed the suit in state court “to protect YU’s religious freedom.”

The Pride Alliance described the move by the university as an attempt “to hold all of its students hostage while it deploys manipulative legal tactics, all in an effort to avoid treating our club equally,” according to a statement released Wednesday, alongside the club’s request to stay, or halt, the state court order so the other student clubs could continue their activities.

“This was a painful and difficult decision,” the Pride Alliance said in the statement. “We are agreeing to this stay while the case moves through the New York courts because we do not want YU to punish our fellow students by ending all student activities while it circumvents its responsibilities.”

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