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Google Pixel 6A review: Tensor makes it a smart choice for $449 - The Verge

The Google Pixel 6A offers excellent performance for its $449 price point thanks to its flagship-grade chipset, Tensor. The 6A also includes a 6.1-inch OLED screen, very good battery life, 5G, IP67 water resistance, and a good 12-megapixel main camera.

For a few years running, the Pixel A-series phone was a no-brainer: always the best Android phone in its midrange class. With the Pixel 6A, things are a little different. Google is shifting its priorities for its Pixel phones, and competitors like Samsung have closed the gap. The 6A still has the best performance and camera quality at its price, but it’s not quite the shoo-in that it once was.

As is tradition for the A-series, the 6A offers most of what the Pixel 6 does — and to a lesser extent, the Pixel 6 Pro — for a much lower cost: $449 instead of the Pixel 6’s starting price of $599. You don’t get wireless charging, a glass back panel, or a faster screen refresh rate. But you do get the same core features as the flagship models. In previous years, that meant the very same class-leading camera as the pricier models but usually a less robust processor. That’s not the case this year; instead, you get Google’s custom-built processor, Tensor.

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