'I should not be here': Injured Club Q survivors share details of the attack and their paths toward recovery

Only a few days after the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, survivors are starting to share details of the attack that has left many of them in the hospital.

A man shot seven times dragged himself over a fence after escaping from Club Q. His friend played dead as blood flowed from shrapnel lodged in his arm. Another man tried to get up to help others without realizing he’d taken a bullet through the leg. The brother of two shooting victims searched for his siblings in nearby hospitals.

These are just a few of the stories from those injured in the LGBTQ dance club in Colorado Springs where a shooter killed at least five people and wounded 19 others on Saturday night.

The survivors, in sharing the harrowing details of the attack, expressed gratitude for escaping with their lives but also anger that the LGBTQ community had been targeted.

R.J. Lewis, who was at Club Q during the mass shooting, attends a service at All Souls Unitarian Church in Colorado Springs on Sunday.Parker Seibold / The Gazette via APBarrett HudsonBarrett Hudson, 31, took seven bullets in the back before escaping from Club Q through the rear exit. He climbed on an outdoor table and dragged himself over a fence to make his way to a group of people for help.

“I should not be here. I 100% should not be alive,” Hudson said Tuesday on a video call from his hospital bed. “But, somehow through the grace of God, I’m here.”


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