Ukraine Russia war and the role of art in documenting war

Art greats such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali have also made paintings on wars, as is being done now with the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

While several efforts have been directed toward safeguarding Ukraine’s art and artefacts during the Russian onslaught, its artists are also striving to depict the war and its impact through their works. An exhibition titled ‘The Captured House’, which opened at Espace Vanderborght in Brussels this week features works of contemporary Ukrainian artists made after the Russian invasion began on February 24.

“Let this project become not a stream of ‘bad news from Ukraine’, but your personal conversation, a conversation in your kitchen to your heart’s content, with every Ukrainian whose life is in danger in our common ‘Captured House,’” reads a note on the exhibition by curator Kate Taylor.

We look at some of the works from the exhibition, as well as some of the greatest war paintings of the 20th century.

The project was reportedly ideated by Taylor around April after she noticed that Ukrainian artists were creating works responding to the war. Soon, she began following the works, leading to the exhibition that has already travelled to Berlin, Rome and Amsterdam.

In a note on the exhibition on its official website, Taylor states, “This is not just our war. This is a war for the whole of Europe, which we are defending and standing on as a shield, a shield of our and your lives. People who stay in Ukraine protect the country, help to survive and people who continue to appeal not only directly against the war but also because of our cultural codes, the roots of our common identity, Ukraine’s relationship with Europe and our common values.”

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