American Girl doll collectors are fighting homophobia within their online community

The American Girl doll collector community was torn by a homophobic campaign to "take back the rainbow" in response to Pride posts.

The typically welcoming American Girl doll collecting community was fractured by a wave of Instagram posts denouncing Pride, prompting a discussion over homophobia within the hobby.

American Girl collectors on Instagram, a community known as AGIG, typically use the platform to anonymously flex their extensive collections, meet other doll collectors and share photos of custom-made clothing and accessories.

American Girl rereleased the historic Molly doll on Wednesday, and some doll enthusiasts suggested that the timing implied that Molly is canonically gay. American Girl has denied fan speculation over Molly's sexuality.

As celebrations for Pride kicked off, some AGIG creators posted in support of LGBTQ representation and inclusivity. Meanwhile, a group of other AGIG creators created an online campaign to “take back the rainbow.” The posts have divided the doll enthusiasts on Instagram.

Over the weekend, a group of creators, many who say on their profiles that they are minors, posted images of their dolls, each wearing a different color of the rainbow. They captioned their posts with Bible quotes condemning Pride.

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