State funeral for Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era

King Charles III and senior members of the royal family will escort the coffin of Britain's longest-reigning monarch to Westminster Abbey, where world leaders gathered.

LONDON — Monday marked the end of the second Elizabethan age.

After 10 days of very public official mourning was capped by a majestic farewell for Britain’s longest-serving monarch, the coffin bearing Queen Elizabeth II’s body was lowered into the royal vault Monday after a ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The elaborate occasion was witnessed by millions of her subjects and by billions more people watching broadcasts around the world.

Elizabeth’s son King Charles III and other members of the royal family are expected to witness the actual burial in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is a small alcove on the side of the main building. 

The queen will eventually be joined there by her husband, Prince Philip, after his body is moved from the royal vault where he was interred after he died last year.

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