Karnataka engineering admission put off as CET repeaters protest ‘unfair’ ranks | Education News,The Indian Express

Though the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) had not said it would ignore PUC marks while deciding a candidate's overall rank, it turned out that evaluation for repeaters was done based only on their CET scores.

As the Common Entrance Test (CET) 2022 results announced on July 30 were marred by controversy with repeaters protesting over the exclusion of their pre-university course (PUC) marks, the Karnataka Examination Authority on Monday postponed the verification process for engineering admission from August 5.

The new date will be announced shortly, the KEA said.

Protests by students and parents demanding “justice for repeaters” swelled in front of the KEA office in Malleswaram on Monday. The protesters said the KEA had “assured” that it would consider 50 per cent of PUC marks and 50 per cent of the CET marks to decide a candidate’s overall rank. However, it turned out that evaluation for repeaters was done based only on their CET marks.

The PUC department had passed all students in 2021 in light of the pandemic. As a result, CET ranks in 2021 were based on 100 per cent CET results. The PUC students who took a gap year to better their ranks and appeared for the entrance test this year felt let down as they were ranked based only on their CET scores.

Rathna, mother of Chetan Gowda, said her son scored 103 in CET this year and got a rank of 66,623. However last year, he scored 77 in CET and secured a rank of 19,700. “My son had asked the KEA officials about considering the PUC marks for CET ranking and we got a positive response from the authorities. It was on the basis of this response that he took the CET for the second time, in case he does not make the cut in NEET. He ended up getting a low rank despite getting a good score in the CET because the PUC marks were not considered,” said Rathna, adding that her son was now in a quandary where he would find a good college for neither engineering nor medicine.


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