Twitter’s Location Spotlight gives business profiles a section for its hours and address - The Verge

Last year’s limited release About Module for businesses is now a part of Location Spotlight, giving professional Twitter accounts new tools to connect with customers. Checking hours and getting directions is now easy.

Twitter has a new feature useful to brick-and-mortar businesses that can put crucial information near the top of their Twitter profiles. The new Location Spotlight feature, launching widely today, lets businesses add information like store hours and address, a Google Map with directions, and a quick tap option to contact a business via phone or Twitter direct messaging.

Location Spotlight could make it easier and quicker for customers to, say, decide if there’s enough time to walk three blocks for coffee before a shop closes. While it may be faster to search a business directly on a map app, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that information may not be correct or up to date.

Businesses had to adjust hours at an instant to comply with local laws or to protect their workers, so social media became the de facto way to know what a business’s status was. Places like Instagram and Twitter provided ease where businesses could quickly connect with their customers, whereas sources like Google Maps and Yelp would give businesses less control.

Some of these features already existed in the About Module that Twitter introduced last year, though it only allowed a limited selection of businesses to take advantage of it. Now that the About Module is part of Location Spotlight, it’s available worldwide for businesses with professional Twitter accounts. It’s all part of a broader business-centric feature set Twitter has been working on, including its new Shop Module that lets some brands sell items within Twitter, Shopify store integration, and QVC-style livestreams.

Twitter also has other services in the works to expand professional accounts. There’s an upcoming “Professional Home” feature to track performance, a planned expansion of profile spotlights, and the company is going to start running training sessions on how to use its platform.

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