Gay New Yorkers share accounts similar to robberies that left two dead

Two people described harrowing experiences that seem to broadly fit a pattern of robberies that left Julio Ramirez and John Umberger dead.

The cases were weeks apart and eerily similar: Two young men at popular New York City gay bars. They each left with at least one mysterious person. They were both found dead. Both of their bank accounts were drained.

And they may not be the only ones.

More gay New Yorkers are coming forward for the first time with accounts that share notable similarities to the unexplained deaths this spring of Julio Ramirez, 25, a social worker, and John Umberger, 33, a political consultant.

The biggest difference so far: They survived.

NBC News spoke to two people who described harrowing experiences that seem to broadly fit the pattern of what happened to Ramirez and Umberger.

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