Former top US diplomat Bill Richardson dies aged 75 - BBC News

The former US envoy to the UN won praise for his work freeing detained Americans around the world.

15 hours agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, ReutersImage caption, Bill Richardson, top US diplomat, dies aged 75 after decades brokering deals for Americans held unjustly abroadBy Malu CursinoBBC NewsFormer US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson has died aged 75, his foundation has announced.

Serving under President Bill Clinton, he won admiration for his commitment to securing the release of US citizens detained around the world.

He continued that work out of politics, last year travelling to Moscow to discuss the release of detained basketball star Britney Griner.

Mr Clinton hailed Mr Richardson as a "masterful" negotiator.

"Bill worked tirelessly for the causes of freedom, fairness, and opportunity," Mr Clinton said in a statement on Saturday night.

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