Covid exposure and isolation guidelines from CDC as E.5 variant spreads

As the EG.5 variant, nicknamed "Eris," spreads, Covid hospitalizations are rising. Here are the CDC's guidelines for when to test and how long to isolate.

Covid hospitalizations and deaths are each up around 21% in the U.S. since last week, though they remain historically low compared to the same time of year in past summers.

The uptick coincides with the rise of the EG.5 variant, which some health experts nicknamed “Eris” on social media. EG.5 now represents more than 20% of Covid cases in the U.S.

Scientists are also paying attention to a new variant, BA.2.86, that carries a large number of mutations — meaning it looks significantly different from the original version of Omicron and the previously dominant strain targeted by the upcoming Covid booster shots this fall. Only nine cases have been detected in the U.S. thus far.

Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about masking, testing and isolation have changed slightly since last summer. Here's what the agency recommends.

Aria BendixAria Bendix is the breaking health reporter for NBC News Digital.

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