Rahul watching, sparring Karnataka Congress leaders turn up for birthday party and sing a catchy tune: All’s well | Political Pulse News,The Indian Express

At Siddaramaiah's birthday celebrations, the former CM and party chief D K Shivakumar hugged each other and played down their long-standing differences

In a significant moment for the Congress and its efforts to come to power again in Karnataka, two senior leaders of the party – former chief minister Siddaramaiah and state party president D K Shivakumar – put up a display of bonhomie in the presence of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. The occasion was the 75th birthday celebrations of Siddaramaiah in Davangere on Wednesday.

With Rahul watching, the two Congress leaders – who are seen to be in the race for the CM post should the Congress win the polls in 2023 – hugged each other and dismissed talk of differences between them. The power tussle in the party is expected to be a decisive factor for the Congress’s prospects in the Assembly elections.

Speaking at Siddaramaiah’s birthday rally in Davangere in central Karnataka that saw over five lakh people in attendance, Rahul said, “I am very happy to see Siddaramaiahji and D K Shivakumar hugging each other. After he became party president, Shivakumar has worked hard to build the organisation.”

“The Congress has united to defeat the BJP and RSS. They take wealth away from the people and give it to a few wealthy people. We give the wealth of the nation to the people,” he said.

During Rahul’s visit to Karnataka in April, he had called for unity among leaders and workers following reports of severe differences between party chief Shivakumar and Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah.


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