Vaping side effects may include cavities, new study suggests

Is vaping bad for you? Vaping e-cigarettes may lead to cavities and unusual tooth decay, a small study finds.

Vaping may increase a person's risk for cavities and tooth decay, preliminary new research suggests.

The aerosolized e-liquid used in vape pens may cover teeth in a sugary, sticky film that promotes bacteria growth — like going to bed sucking on a lollipop — said Dr. Karina Irusa, a study author and assistant professor of comprehensive care at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Adding artificial sweeteners and flavorings to the sticky aerosol may create the perfect breeding ground for cavities. "The sugar is what the bacteria feeds on," Irusa said.

The new study, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Dental Association, is considered preliminary and does not prove that vaping causes cavities.

But because e-cigarette usage is so rampant among adolescents — with 2.5 million teens vaping in the United States alone — the possibility that it could increase the risk for tooth decay in this generation is worrisome, experts who study vaping in young people said.

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