A Lizzo fan made a TikTok video asking to borrow a dress for a red carpet event. The plea worked.

Aurielle Marie turned to TikTok to ask Lizzo if they could borrow one of her outfits for a red carpet event. Their plea went viral, and Lizzo's team sent a dress.

When the writer Aurielle Marie found out that they were included in the Out 100 list, they were thrilled. As part of the honor, Marie, whose pronouns are they/she, was invited to attend Out Magazine’s gala in New York.

The problem? They couldn’t find anything to wear to the event. Although the majority of American women wear sizes 14 or above, Marie said, many stores stock only sizes 12 and under.

They said the gowns they did find in their size were either matronly or tacky. Despite suggestions from their friends, their mother and their wife, Marie “just didn’t like anything.”

“I was like, what do I want to look like? How do I want to feel? And I ended up on this photo of Lizzo. She wore this dress as she accepted her first Emmy,” said Marie, who wrote the critically acclaimed poetry collection “Gumbo Ya Ya” in 2020 and has been widely recognized for writing about fatphobia, Blackness and queer identity. “The dress was voluminous. It took up space. It was sexy, but it wasn’t overtly sexy, ... I was like, I want to feel like this.”

Marie doesn’t consider themself “one of those people who have a weird parasocial attachment to celebrities.” But they admire Lizzo, they said, not only for her music but also for continuing to exude confidence despite the immense backlash she gets.


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