After Queen Elizabeth's funeral, Britain wakes to economic challenges

After Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, British Prime Minster Liz Truss must grapple with the country's economic and social crises.

LONDON — Even for a country that prides itself on pageantry, it was an occasion of majestic splendor.

Yet, the ceremony and solemnity of the state funeral are already giving way to an unavoidable realization: The grandeur that marked Queen Elizabeth II's funeral and was seen by billions across the world is not the reality of the country that most woke up to Tuesday.

Britain is facing myriad crises, from spiraling costs for food and fuel to an energy crunch that could cause blackouts this winter.

And while they may have been eclipsed by the sheer emotion of the queen's final farewell — which brought much of the country to a standstill and saw large crowds line the capital's streets for days — those challenges have not gone away.

With the world leaders headed home, the uniforms hung back in the closet, and the flags returned to full staff, Britain’s problems will now come roaring back into focus.

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