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Whether you play on Yahoo, ESPN, Sleeper, or somewhere else, you need a leg up to crush the competition in fantasy football this year. Here are the apps you’ll need to win your league.

It’s fantasy football season! For the next few months, millions of people will compete to be the smartest football thinker in their friend group. We’ll spend hours (too many hours) looking for sleepers, learning the names and play styles of guys who will never even sniff the field, and having such strong attachment to their play that the NFL players will occasionally have to remind us that there’s actually, like, real football happening out here, too.

But all you want is to win your league. So I’m here to help: With the right apps and platforms, you can spend the next few months diving deep into all the news, stats, and information you’ll need to crush your fantasy competition into oblivion.

You know, in a fun way. Go team! Let’s get into it.

Hang on, what is fantasy football again?

It’s football. It’s also gambling, kind of? You pick players; if those players do well, you win. And you get to subject your friends to hilarious punishments if they come in last place.

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