Club Q survivors describe the chaos and terror of the attack

Club Q shooting survivors described the terror the felt when the gunman opened fire.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The music was pounding at the LGBTQ nightclub Club Q when a lone gunman walked in and started shooting, sending people scrambling for cover and leaving horror in his wake.

In interviews, people who survived the shooting described the terror they felt when the suspect starting firing bullets indiscriminately, leaving five dead and 25 injured.

Michael Anderson, a bartender at Club Q, recalled that he heard "a few popping sounds" and initially assumed someone inside the club might have been clapping.

"Then I looked up," he said, "and I realized people were running."

In the dark of the club, Anderson saw "a silhouette of a person" clutching a long gun and heard one loud pop after another. He "jumped beneath the bar" as bullets and glass flew around him.

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