We are Perfect Nails salon, and like the name suggests, we specialize in manicures and pedicures. One our most popular nail procedures is the gel manicure. Now what happens in a gel manicure, you may ask? Well its very simple, allow me to explain. First of all we clean your nails and file them into the desired shape. Then we apply the gelish foundation that will even out the surface of the nails and will allow us to have a good base for our gelish polish. When the foundation has dried, we apply the gelish polish onto the nails that have the foundation on them, in our gel pedicure. In order for the best results for this gel pedicure, we apply 3-4 layers of the polish and giving time for the layers to dry in between. And then finally the top layer to seal off the gel polish. And that’s, more or less, it. This is one of our most sought after procedures and we have hundreds of clients coming in every month for this gel manicure. And we have satisfied each and every one of them, that is why they keep coming back for more. Perfect Nail Salon offers a complete nail care menu with a variety of manicures, pedicures, gels and acrylics. You'll find a bright and friendly space with professional staff who have years of experience and equipped with all the necessary techniques and a great range of OPI colors.

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