‘I am not looking for a subject or object, they are looking for me’: Paresh Maity | Eye News,The Indian Express

The artist on his biggest multi-city exhibition till date and why he keeps experimenting with mediums

Edited excerpts:

What drives you to constantly experiment with new mediums? 

The universe, I feel, is nirakar, without any shape. Nature is spontaneous and that is something that defines my work. When I begin, I let the form emerge itself. Each medium has its own texture, suitability. While I find watercolours extremely beautiful, oil offers a range of colours. Though I have worked on a huge scale with
both, there is still some limitation to the size. That obsession with size is fulfilled with sculptures. There are certain forms that appear in my dreams that can only be expressed in sculpture. I am not looking for a subject or object, they are looking for me. I have worked with motorbike parts, bells, metal cages, the possibilities are endless. I’ve also made two short films — The Magic of Monsoons: Montage, Moments, Memories (2011) and The Mystic Melody: A Day in the Golden Desert (2010).

In this exhibition, I have worked with textile for the first time. Made with khadi, the work Time Present and Time Past is painted with vegetable dyes to showcase the journey to heaven. On the other hand, Urbanscape is one of the largest bronze sculptures of India. It is 26-feet long and weighs 7,000 kg. The giant jackfruit examines the dense nature of the urban landscape.

You are exhibiting ceramics for the first time too. 


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