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EVO 2022 returns as an in-person event for the first time since 2019. Players will compete in nine fighting games with an additional $100,000 MultiVersus exhibition tournament.

Nature may not be fully healed from the pandemic yet, but EVO is live in Las Vegas again, so hopefully that means it’s getting better. For the first time since 2019 and after Sony became part-owner in 2021, the Evolution Championship Series — one of, if not the, biggest fighting game tournament in the world — is streaming live from the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting today until Sunday, August 8th, some of the best fighting game players in the world will compete in nine different games including Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, The King of Fighters XV, and Tekken 7.

EVO 2022 will be streaming on Twitch across seven different channels to ensure you don’t miss any of the nine different tournaments taking place. Most of time will be devoted to each games’ pools stage where entrants compete in a best of two to make it to the next round of competition. The best of the best in each game will appear in the Top 8 championships throughout the weekend.

There are nine games you can watch this year.

Tekken 7Mortal Kombat 11 UltimateDragon Ball FighterZGuilty Gear StriveSkullGirls 2nd EncoreThe King of Fighters XVGranblue Fantasy VersusMelty Blood: Type LuminaStreet Fighter V: Champion Edition

On Friday, you can watch the coolest, queerest, and furriest fighter in the world as Dominique “SonicFox” McLean makes their way through SkullGirls 2nd Encore pools, culminating in the final Top 8 rounds starting at 7PM PT. SonicFox might also make an appearance in the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament with its final round taking place on August 6th at 8PM PT.

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