What the brouhaha over MP Mahua Moitra’s Louis Vuitton in Parliament says about aspiration and resentment | Eye News,The Indian Express

The Trinamool MP responded with some tongue-in-cheek 'handbagging' on social media

As someone who barely ever questioned Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion choices, I was shaken out of my nonchalance after the Sex and the City (SATC) movie in 2008. Carrie gifts a $4,500 handbag to her Black assistant Louise. It’s a Louis Vuitton, a “Motard Firebird”, which debuted that year. Louise already has an LV — only, it’s a rental. When she opens the gift, she can’t believe her eyes. “My very own Louis Vuitton?!” she exclaims.
If there is one handbag that should have been hidden away, it is this one. It’s a quizzical palette of purple, coral and yellow, made worse by embellishments that pop like ulcers. But, as SATC emphasised, a Louis Vuitton — even a garish one — is timeless.

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As the issue of “mehengai” is raised, somebody’s Louis Vuitton bag quickly slides under the bench. pic.twitter.com/Rtra8qsBEt

— Ajit Datta (@ajitdatta) August 1, 2022



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