Qin Gang: China’s foreign minister removed from post

Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang has been removed from his post, state media reported Tuesday, a month after he disappeared from public view.

HONG KONG — Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has been removed from his post, state media reported Tuesday, deepening a mystery that began a month ago when the prominent diplomat disappeared from public view.

According to Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, he has been replaced by Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat and Qin’s predecessor.

The decision was made at a special session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, China’s top legislative body. No reason was given for the removal, which comes as China is ramping up diplomatic efforts around the world including with the United States.

Ties between the world’s two biggest economies are at their lowest point in decades amid disputes over trade, human rights, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the status of Taiwan, a self-governing island that Beijing claims as its territory.

Xi says China's climate policy ‘will never be influenced by others’July 19, 202306:44Regarded as a fast-rising protégé of President Xi Jinping, Qin, 57, was China’s ambassador to the United States from July 2021 until he was promoted to foreign minister in December. Qin was an early adopter of the combative rhetoric later known as China’s “wolf warrior diplomacy.”


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