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Find out what they are and how you can stimulate them

Cognitive development milestones and how to stimulate them

Back in the old days, babies were thought of as miniature adults. They were often seen as simplistic passive beings. It wasn’t until the 20th century that childhood and adolescence began to be viewed as unique and distinct periods of growth and development. The first few years of your baby’s life lay the foundation of their cognitive development. Cognitive Development refers to growth of the child’s ability to think, reason and understand its environment. One of the most crucial things for your baby’s cognitive development is play, this helps hone your baby’s ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine and work out what happens next. Babies come into this world ready to learn, think and explore their surrounding environment. Newborn infants are constantly taking in their environment and learning from it and about themselves.

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Interacting and playing with your baby gives your baby important information for understanding the world. For example when you play peek-a-boo, he understands that when parents disappear from his line of sight they come back, too. Playing with your baby helps them to realise a powerful message that you are important to me. This helps the baby to learn about who they are and where they fit in this world. It also boosts their confidence to keep exploring and learning about the world.

Stages of cognitive development

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