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Inclined Studio takes an idea from clients and builds it through development to realisation, using a traditional approach along with supreme innovation...

Basically, the Inclined Studio team takes an idea from the client and takes it through development to realisation, using a traditional approach along with the innovation. The studio was established in 2015 and in the past 5 years, it has photographed more than 700 projects in the three disciplines as mentioned already. Their work keeps getting published in reputed publications, including design magazines and books. While Maulik is an Interior Designer by education, Vidhi has studied architecture.

Speaking about their life so far, Maulik says on behalf of both, “Life, as they say, is full of surprises. I actually took a degree in interior design but had no plans of working commercially. However, one thing led to another and here I am, shooting interiors for architects, hotels and design companies in Gujarat and outside.” Vidhi pitches in with her take on what architectural photography is all about. She says, “Architectural photography is the documentation of buildings and similar structures from an artistic or realistic perspective. Interior photography is almost entirely about solving problems – light, colour, reflections, space and time – all of these will look like conspiring against you.”

Taking the discussion about architectural photography further, the Inclined Studio team enumerates the advantages of it. These are:

Maulik and Vidhi go on to describe the significance of good equipment, basics about composition of a photograph and lighting, etc. For the photography enthusiasts in this field, here are the pointers – 



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